Claudia Cadine: FAQ

London Escort. Mistress. Shanghai Beijing Escort Mistress. PSE GFE Fetish. Fitness. White Milky Goddess. 


What information do you require for a booking?

I require a deposit for all bookings. The information I require from you will depend on the deposit method and the information received (including factors such as whether the appointment is an incall or outcall). If the deposit is paid by credit card, I require no further information. If the deposit is paid by bank transfer, I require no further information. If the deposit is paid by in-branch deposit (or ATM), I will require your name. The name must match the name at your residential address and/or hotel reservation if the booking is an outcall. 

I will require your telephone number for all bookings. If the booking is located at private residence, I will require proof of address, a utility bill will be sufficient - otherwise please send a copy of your drivers licence (I recommend you remove your identifying information such as your DOB and drivers licence number). 


What payment methods do you accept for deposits?

Deposits can be accepted by credit card, Lloyds branch/ATM deposit, electronic bank transfer and instant transfer. Please contact me if you need more information. Refunds will be made to the original payment method. 


Are your photos real? 

My photos are genuine. My professional photos were last updated in November 2017. I regularly post selfies on my Twitter and Instagram, I also have videos on my website for further verification - videos can not be photoshopped. As you can see, my selfies are identical to my professional images. I take pride in being photo-representative. If I am not what you are expecting, feel free to leave. You do not need to pay a cancellation fee. 


Are your services negotiable?

My services are not negotiable under any circumstances. Please do not ask, please do not attempt to offer extra money. People have asked and tried (unsuccessfully). There are no "extras" available. I do not charge for tiered services such as GFE, PSE etc. There is one flat service, it is very inclusive. 

All services I offer, are available at my published rates. I do not offer services I am uncomfortable with for extra money. I do not offer bareback vaginal sex, genital rubbing, anal penetration of any type on myself, rimming (either direction), golden showers on my face, violence or offensive behaviour, submissive services. 


What is the best way to contact you?

If touring, the best way to contact me is via WeChat, Whatsapp or SMS.

In the Uk, it is via email and SMS. Please note my minimum booking requirement is 3 hours in London. I require at least 6 hours notice for all appointments. If you wish to see me within the next 24 hours, it is best to call.

If your appointment is more than 24 hours away, a text or email is fine. My website should contain the necessary information if you wish to proceed forward with meeting. However, if you have specific service questions or wish to speak to please call, text or whatsapp to +44 7895 889 077. 


Can we meet before the booking to ensure we have chemistry? 

Unless it is in your paid time, we cannot. String being pulled at in many directions becomes unravelled; boundaries I insist on are in place for my happiness, so I do not. Please do not impose yourself on my generosity. I have privacy and my own time outside of our time; my spare time is very much like my home, it's a haven of rest and recharge to me.

I consider you my friend, and as a friend, I ask you not put me in uncomfortable scenarios. Enjoy our relationship for what it is. I do not live in London, my time is therefore valuable.

If you are looking for a more exclusive relationship, it may be possible. Please initiate a discussion.


Am I always speaking with you?

Yes. Always.  I am 100% independent. I do not employ an assistant, I do not work with agencies, I do not outsource any aspect of my business. 


Do you have tattoos and/or piercings?

No. My skin is flawless and ivory year-round. I am exactly as pictured, my skin is radiant and flawless. 


What turns you on?

One of the the most common questions! In short: turning others on.

I enjoy knowing how much I turn someone on and being in complete control of their pleasure and climax. I am aroused by men who follow my orders and direct sexual-approach. I enjoy power play and arousing someone to the point where they need to take control and objectify me, to have their way with me. I am a consummate professional however, I truly enjoy giving. Giving is where I am able to control one's pleasure most. Although a dominant lover, it is a role from mostly a place of nurture. My personal sexual preferences are more passionate, almost rough. 

I use that word lightly, my skin is sensational) and ivory year-round. I am exactly as pictured. 


What is your hair like?

Currently my hair is collar length light blonde.