Claudia Cadine: Explicit Escort Reviews

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"Claudia likes to have her way with me and Daniel likes that immensely. She sucks my cock so deeply that I feel like she is going to spit my balls out of her mouth when she has finished. She calls me her 'dirty old man' but then so do most of the girls that I see, but with Claudia there is a genuineness about her that a lot of other sex workers just don't have"


"Claudia's pussy is actually one of the tightest pussies that I have come across in a WL. In fact when I start shagging her I really have to take it easy, only to get a spraying from Claudia for not fucking her the way she likes to be fucked, hard and fast. Claudia looks exactly like her images that she posts on many social media platforms from Twitter to Instagram"


"She really knows how to drain one dry, with a nice balance of action and teasing.  She's absolutely great at giving head. She's an energetic and athletic fuck who really knows how to work her pussy – just a great fuck, I loved fucking Claudia. She's also a beautiful kisser, with lips to die for"


"Best blow job I have ever had. Deep throating it so I can feel it go down her throat and hear that gargling noise as it goes down. Then she put her tongue out and licked my balls whilst deep throating me. Amazing. I was so blown away by the oral. Second round of oral was even better and she knew from the first round what I really liked"


"She was like Mozart. She put on a twirling motion concentrated on the head of my cock as she was sucking me and the intense sensation drove me crazy to the point that I felt like electricity was flowing from my head to my toes sending tremors all over my body leaving me completely spent. This went down in my punting history books as the perfect finish ever! After my aftershocks subsided and with my cock free from Claudia’s mouth, Claudia says with that naughty smile on her face, “Was that all”?! All she can say was, “Was that all”?"


"I have to dominate and pin her to the bed to go down on her. After as much of this as she can handle, she wrestles free and pushes me down to mount me in cowgirl. Bites me hard on the neck, tongue in the ear, tortures my nipples, gives me a bit of the rough stuff. Don't be scared off, she's not usually like this on a first date. There are certain buttons on me she knows she's allowed to push"